New York City Tax Crime Attorney

Clients who are under investigation by the IRS or state tax authorities for tax crimes, or who have already been charged with this white collar crime, can benefit from the decades of experience offered by attorney Paul B. Bergman. Early intervention by this driven and knowledgeable attorney has frequently prevented charges from being filed.

Brooklyn Criminal Tax Evasion Lawyer

While most tax audits lead to, at worst, the IRS or state tax authorities collecting back taxes plus interest and penalties, there is much more at risk if the audit leads to a criminal investigation. The IRS criminal investigation unit may be sent in if there is an indication of a tax crime such as filing a false tax return, tax evasion, filing false documents, failure to collect sales taxes or employment taxes, failure to pay taxes or failure to file a tax return.

New York City tax crime lawyer Paul B. Bergman is adept at working with the various layers of these often intricate cases. Clients can rest assured that their rights and interests will be protected, and that immediate action will be taken to pursue the best possible outcome.