New York City Securities Crimes Attorney

Clients who are the target of SEC investigations or who have already been charged with securities crimes can benefit from the driven and knowledgeable representation of attorney Paul B. Bergman. With decades of experience on his side and a career devoted specifically to handling white collar crime, his early intervention has often prevented charges from being filed.

Stock fraud or investment fraud, more frequently referred to as securities fraud, comes in many forms. Some of those forms include subtle attempts to manipulate stocks or conduct insider trading. Some forms of stock fraud are more blatant and may involve direct theft or embezzlement from investors. Ultimately, any attempt to induce investors to buy or sell based on false information is likely to fall under the umbrella of securities crimes.

New York City securities crimes lawyer Paul B. Bergman has successfully defended many clients in SEC investigations and criminal prosecutions. He is committed to protecting the rights and interests of those accused of these serious and complex crimes.