New York RICO Attorney

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) provides for increased penalties in organized crime cases. The crimes involved in these cases can include embezzlement, fraud, money laundering and more, and these cases may involve everything from small criminal organizations to organizations that reach across the U.S. and overseas. These cases are exceedingly complex and require the attention of an experienced attorney.

New York RICO lawyer Paul B. Bergman brings decades of experience to these cases. Clients who are merely the target of an investigation for racketeering or a similar crime, or who have been charged under the RICO Act, can benefit from the driven and knowledgeable representation he offers. Through early intervention, he has prevented charges from being filed in many cases.

While RICO is a federal law, New York has the enterprise corruption law that addresses many of the same issues on the state level. Enterprise corruption may be charged when a network of criminal activity exists within a business or organization.

Attorney Paul B. Bergman understands how to navigate both state and federal organized crime laws in order to protect the rights and interests of the accused.