New York Money Laundering Attorney

Money laundering is any attempt to conceal the fact that money was obtained illegally. This is a very broad charge that often accompanies other criminal charges such as embezzlement or fraud of any type, including health care fraud.

Attorney Paul B. Bergman has the experience necessary to handle cases involving multiple charges of white collar crimes. For decades, he has provided driven and knowledgeable representation to clients who are the target of investigations or who have been charged with a crime. Early intervention is recommended, as he has established a reputation for preventing money laundering and other charges from being filed.

Attempts to launder illegally obtained funds through illegal transactions can vary in levels of sophistication. Money laundering charges may stem from methods such as structuring the funds into smaller deposits, bulk cash smuggling to offshore financial institutions, real estate purchases, art purchases and more.

New York money laundering lawyer Paul B. Bergman has built a record of success in these complex cases and is prepared to protect his clients’ rights and interests at all times.