New York Criminal Investigation Attorney

In white collar crime cases, attorney Paul B. Bergman is often retained by clients who are the target of an investigation but have not yet been charged. Since 1976, he has protected the rights of clients during criminal investigations, internal corporate investigations and regulatory investigations. Early intervention can lead to charges not being filed or to lesser charges being filed. At the very least, the accused will be better positioned to defend against charges.

Criminal Investigations

New York criminal investigation lawyer Paul B. Bergman represents targets of grand jury investigations, as well as targets of investigations conducted by the district attorney’s office or the state attorney’s office. He is prepared to mobilize quickly to ensure that clients are protected as soon as they become aware that they are under investigation.

Internal Corporate Investigations

The government relies on corporations’ fear of being prosecuted. For this reason, when a business becomes aware of a potential crime that has been committed within, it may conduct its own internal corporate investigation. These investigations may be spurred by a whistleblower. While these are not criminal investigations, they could potentially lead to criminal charges or termination. The targets of these investigations have the right to have an experienced attorney like Paul B. Bergman by their side to advise them of their rights.

Regulatory Investigations

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations can lead to civil actions in federal court or before an administrative law judge. They may also lead to criminal charges. Paul B. Bergman has the experience to protect the interests of those targeted in SEC investigations.