New York Antitrust Attorney

Attorney Paul B. Bergman brings decades of experience to antitrust cases. Clients accused of violating United States antitrust law can be assured of driven and knowledgeable representation when they choose him. Even clients merely under investigation for this white collar crime can benefit from his representation, which could prevent charges from being filed.

Manhattan Antitrust Cartel Lawyer

U.S. antitrust law is built primarily on three statutes: the Sherman Act 1890, the Clayton Act 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act 1914. These acts restrict businesses from aligning to form cartels and engage in price fixing or other practices that are designed to hinder competition. These acts also address mergers and acquisitions that could negatively impact competition, and also prevent the creation of monopolies.

New York antitrust lawyer Paul B. Bergman is well-versed in all applicable laws and is prepared to mobilize quickly to protect the rights and interests of those accused of violations. From investigation to trial to appeal, he is committed to strong criminal defense representation.