Notable Cases

By maintaining a small caseload and focusing only on the federal and state cases that are most in need of his experience and skill, New York white collar criminal defense lawyer Paul B. Bergman is able to provide each case with the necessary personal attention. He recognizes that his clients are facing charges that could prove ruinous to them and that these cases may receive a great deal of publicity, all of which he is prepared to address while protecting his clients’ rights and interests.

These are some examples of the cases in which he has recently been engaged: he has defended the director of research and development of one of the country’s largest medical diagnostic companies in a federal health care fraud investigation. He has represented attorneys who have received Wells notices from the SEC. He has represented the export compliance officer of a major American manufacturer under investigation for export violations (IEEPA and EAR); the vice president of an international manufacturer of automobile parts under investigation for cartel price fixing by the Department of Justice; a high-ranking government official investigated by the DOJ for violation of the Clean Water Act; the CFO of a major East Coast electrical contractor. He has represented the vice president of a major New York City health care network in connection with a multi-year investigation by the U.S. Attorney into the operations of the network. He has represented the principal and chief operating officer of a New York City construction firm in connection with an investigation by the New York field office of the DOJ Antitrust Division; the owner of a large New York City harbor construction firm under investigation by the Washington office of the DOJ Antitrust Division for bid rigging; the owner of an international telecommunications firm under investigation by the U.S. Attorney for alleged organized crime connections; a noted major league baseball player under investigation for tax law violations. In all of these matters, no charges were brought against Mr. Bergman’s clients. In New York State matters, he has represented numerous individuals arrested and accused of crimes on whose behalf, because of his advocacy, he has obtained outright dismissals.

Paul B. Bergman‘s experience has also included notable homicide cases in New York City and Suffolk County, in which, most recently, he was co-counsel in the defense of Daniel Pelosi in the so-called “Murder in the Hamptons” case. He has also represented individuals in so-called organized crime prosecutions, including one of the lead defendants in the Pizza Connection case in which his doggedness ultimately secured for his client a sentence far below the sentences of other similarly situated defendants. He recently represented, as co-counsel, one of the defendants from a Big Four accounting firm who was accused of criminal involvement in the sale of tax shelters, helping to secure for his client a sentence far below the federal sentencing guidelines range. Similarly, he recently obtained a sentence well below the sentencing guidelines of a so-called member of organized crime convicted of RICO charges.

Cases he has handled have crossed international boundaries. He is skilled in the area of extradition, representing individuals arrested in the U.S. who are threatened with extradition to other countries, as well as individuals from other countries who are threatened with extradition to the U.S.